Posted by: Sam Olsen | May 26, 2012


On Friday night we were invited to join a tram party for our friend Ali’s birthday. When I told the Asians at work what I was doing, they groaned. Tram parties are definitely expat territory; drunk gweilos on a fancy old tram with flashing lights and loud music, trundle through the centre of HK and back again.  (No doubt showering abuse or worse on the locals). Nonetheless, it had to be done, would be rude not to attend!  Sam, meanwhile had a prior arrangement at the end of term hockey party at the football club. 

We met in the middle of nowhere it felt like at, at the Whitty Street Tram Depot. About twenty of us convened and Ali’s wife had organised food and drinks for onboard. Finally both the birthday boy and the tram itself made it through the traffic, we leapt aboard up the extremely steep stairs (why did I wear heels?), and off we set. What fun! There is a whole world of HK at one floor up that is normally never seen at this slow pace. Of particular interest was the boxing gym with some very hunky bodies in it. 

By the time we reached the racecourse we’d found the bottle opener (not that this prevented us opening bottles using various parts of this antique vehicle), and the party really got going! Back we went, through Times Square. Someone’s visiting brother commented ‘look at all the people, they look like termites!’ as they scurried across the road. No need to hurry to get out of the way of our birthday tram though, we must have gone about 10 miles an hour for most of the way. 

Back at Whitty Street, we duly disembarked and then I made the foolish decision to go along to Wan Chai with the group and sample some Sea Breezes. Bad head on Saturday.




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