Posted by: Sam Olsen | May 28, 2012

Friendless: The Great Divide

Just a quickie:  

Quite often in HK one is reminded of the difference between the working and non-working expat Mums. Some of us get to hang out with adults in an office all day, others loiter around the various club pools marshalling numerous blonde toddlers. Little do these differences seem to matter most of the time; when we get together at the weekends its either to enjoy adult company and alcohol in the evenings, or to loiter around a club pool marshalling toddlers by day.  Suddenly though, the big difference has hit home; while we’re going back to the UK for a meagre two weeks, several of my pals are off for at least a month. Settling in to a pleasant English summer while we battle the heat and humidity here in Honkers. It only struck me, on Friday, that two of my ‘oldest and bestest’ will be gone for about 6 weeks. Woe is me! Sam’s social life will no doubt ratchet up a level thanks to all the Dads left behind in HK with free weekends and lie-ins abundant. 

On a more serious note, I was discussing this with a male acquaintance at the weekend and mentioned how I’d quite like not to work, although, on balance, probably DID prefer having a job. He said his wife loved being off with their little one, but then again, really did miss the high-flying career she’d left behind in the UK to move out here.  Why is it then, that women are by definition the wistful ones; the grass is always greener, etc. etc. Men don’t have this conundrum, do they?  They just work and don’t think about it, most of the time. Hmmmm….





  1. And the conundrum only continues!

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