Posted by: Sam Olsen | June 10, 2012

Strange Burmese Delicacy of the Week 30

Burma still has lots more to offer in terms of food delicacies to decipher. Last time’s picture from the restaurants of Rangoon was a lovely type of salad made from… pickled tea leaves. We prefer the drinking type, but it was a nice change to lettuce.

This week is a bit more, erm, bloody than a mere leaf. It was presented to us in a curry house in Rangoon, much to our delight/shock. Even the tiniest inkling to taste it was dashed when the proprietor said he wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole. So we snapped it instead – just for your pleasure.

It is quite obvious what it is, but what animal does it come from? Answers below!



  1. I say cow and Marot thinks it is a sheep.

    • Both so close!

  2. Monkey?

    • Luckily for the monkey, no

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