Posted by: Sam Olsen | June 30, 2012

Result of Strange Chinese Delicacy of the Week 31: doggie bag anyone?

Last week we introduced you to the magical world of Guilin cooking. Our brown gastronomic chums were local snails, boiled up in a broth of some kind and served like something dug from the wet mud of Flanders. Lovely.

The thing about our trip was that we did in fact have lots of delicious food. Twice-cooked-pork, fried eggplant, pork-stuffed-peppers – all were wolfed down. It just seemed to be that certain restaurants liked to focus on the perhaps more irrational of foods, like Cloud 9’s snails.

The same establishment had on its agenda a variety of items that could be jointly described as ‘Western food hell’. The bamboo rat, just next to the choice of braised rabbit, would be bad enough for some. But the main attraction of the next page was not even remotely an option:


Not a lot could have made this worse (especially knowing how badly the dogs are butchered – only people with very strong stomachs should click here), but the fact that they didn’t even debone it is just damn rude.

We move onto this week’s quiz. Aggie has been hanging out in China this last week, and has come back with a variety of other goodies to share, all coming up later


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