Posted by: Sam Olsen | July 1, 2012

Strange Chinese Delicacy of the week: 32

A whirlwind week in China. Shanghai, two nights, nothing unusual to report on the eating front there. On Monday night I met an old friend for…. Italian. Tuesday my kind colleague took me out to a traditional Shanghai restaurant but rather disappointingly it’s a chain and I’ve already been there in HK! Shanghai is a great city. It was bang in the middle of monsoon season when I was there. Staying on the 72nd floor at the Grand Hyatt and there wasn’t much to see outside the window, just a huge cloud.

This damp environment caused all sorts of trouble on Wednesday when I skipped along the pavement and promptly .. bit it. Hit the deck. Or, more accurately, the gutter. Which was about an inch deep in water. Hastily ending my phone conversation (was getting a telling off from the boss at the time), I gathered myself back to my feet and realised my left arm wasn’t working. Not wanting to cause any embarrassment to myself or my American lunch partner, we pushed on to the restaurant where my skirt dripped on to the floor and I was relieved to be eating with chopsticks as I couldn’t get the left hand above table height. Three hours to go to our flight to Beijing and I thought in true British fashion ‘I’ll see how it goes, bound to be better in a while’.  Arriving at the Beijing hotel at 9.30pm and I succumbed and asked for a doctor. Off to an international clinic and by 11pm was assured after an x-ray that nothing was broken. Phew!

Anyway, the meetings in Beijing and then Shenzhen continued in rather a blur of sore arm, sweatiness, and general exhaustion. Whether or not the punters attending learned anything about capital efficiency is beyond me. Finally Friday lunchtime came in Shenzhen and the head of the office there took us to another restaurant. Again, Shanghai style, where one of the dishes was this: don’t worry, no unpleasant animal involved here. It’s a special summer dish but you wouldn’t know it from the name:




  1. winter melon?

    • Mark, yes you are quite right! well done. Although I think your spousal connection might mean you are unfairly advantaged?? Will try harder next time to flummox you and Shirley.

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