Posted by: Sam Olsen | July 23, 2012

Typhoon Number 2!

It’s actually our third typhoon here, but since one was only ‘hoisted’ while we were asleep, it doesn’t count in my book. ‘Hoisted’ is the term the Hong Kong Observatory gives to making the alert that its a T8. Which means wind at about 50mph I think, plus of course a lot of rain and huge puddles. Being HK though, the observatory do their best not to interrupt any economic activity, so waited until 5.40pm to hoist the T8 today, despite threatening it since about 2.30pm. No-one at the bank will actually officially send staff home. Fortunately I am able to just wander off when I like (not all the time, mind you!!), but for some of the juniors who live miles away in the New Territories this seems a little unfair. I am sure there must be ‘policy’ on it somewhere. 

Anyway, there have been no obvious casualties so far. The wind whistles around our 22nd floor flat, but the only damage has been done to numerous dead umbrellas, littering the pavements of central like large birds that have crash landed.   I was brought home by a kindly lady in the bus queue who is obviously an old hand, with regular pronouncements on the ineptitude of the HKO and how the government won’t let them issue the T8 during office hours.

On a different note, it’s nearly been a year here. We arrived on July the 28th, so a full anniversary awaits this Saturday, by which time, we’ll be back in the UK again.  What an adventure it’s been so far!


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