Posted by: Sam Olsen | August 16, 2012

So, mixed feelings being back here in Hong Kong. Having spent a wonderful week in Dorset with all the family it was sad to say goodbye to them and the bright blue skies, fresh air, and green all around. Lawrence finally saw some animals that weren’t dogs that go to hairdressers, and we all ate food with full knowledge of where it came from. Especially the night we had Jeremy‘s delicious mackerel. (Here is a mackerel-related question: Which London tube station contains none of the letters in the word mackerel? Hint: we Olsens were all there recently).

What’s more, we have a T8 looming any minute (remember folks, this is the work-cancelling-number we all hope for!). Wind whistling, Sam’s still not home from work. Hope he makes it and doesn’t have to spend the night in Wan Chai. Although he might have different feelings about that prospect.

In other news, Lawrence said his first ‘full sentence’  yesterday. There has been a kerfuffle at his playgroup and our all-time favourite teacher Mr Dan has gone off to study in China. No warning to parents at all. We are most distressed at the prospect of him only being ‘taught’ by squeaking sappy women. Ask: ‘What happened to Mr Dan, Lawrence?’ and he replies: ‘Dan. Nomore Dan’, shrugging his shoulders. Heartbreaking!  

Finally, the reason for the odd title of this blog is the link below. Passed to me by a colleague, it contains some absolute gems although some may be more appropriate for those of you who have lived in or at least visited Hong Kong. Having spent time in both New Jersey and Hong Kong, I knew I was onto a winner when I read this introduction:

“Just a Jersey girl living in Hong Kong who has discovered Cantonese is to Chinese as New Jerseyese is to English: the vocabulary is mostly limited to food and cursing and is unintelligible to the rest of the country.”

Anyway, here it is, enjoy:


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