Posted by: Sam Olsen | October 5, 2012

The Insanity on Your Chest

Aggie here, it’s been a while, I’m conscious you’ve been inundated with Sam’s sometimes rather extensive and academic offerings. So, back to basics. I’ve been busy, aside from our Thailand trip, I was in Taipei for two days last week. What a lovely city! Wide boulevards lined with trees, polite taxi drivers (even when I was 300 taiwan dollars short on the taxi fare), and the most friendly accommodating colleagues I’ve ever come across. I was invited out to a huge team lunch where my presence meant that EVERYONE had to speak English, instead of their natural Mandarin, and they couldn’t do enough to look after me (mainly plying me with food and drink and every opportunity). The hotel had a full on string quartet playing as one left in the morning, and the weather was fresh and breezy.  All in all, I’d recommend it as a pleasant alternative to the motherland across the border. 

Anyway, the reason for the title of this blog. I’ve been saving these up as a treat for you for a while. Sometimes, people here wear really dodgy t-shirts, with the most inappropriate and bizarre comments on the front. Some are young students, making a statement, being cool. Others are aging granny-types who clearly have no idea what their frontage is saying to the world.  Alternatives include the most banal phrases one generally wouldn’t bother delivering verbally, let alone splashing across your torso for the entire day:

Here is a small selection:

“I am really pleased”

“WhT did I say now” (Their typo, not mine)

The deep and meaningful gone slightly awry:

“Believe with love” (surely that should be ‘In’)?

“You made me feel very confident and beautiful” (glad you feel it love, you don’t look it).

The slighty saucy:

“Lock up your ladies” (all of them?!)

“Eve Appeal”

“Shot the arrow”

“Desire is the very essence of man”

And the bonkers:

“Fear is the true sign of fashion” WHAT?!! I know I am not fashionable but what does that MEAN?

“University of Stripes” 

“Be at my wits end” (although sometimes Lawrence and Sam bring this one to life for me). 

That’s enough for now. 

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