Posted by: Sam Olsen | October 31, 2012

Halloween special finale: the grisly tale of the Hello Kitty murder

In 1999 a 14-year-old girl walked into a Kowloon police station to claim that she was being haunted by the spirit of a woman that she had helped beat, murder and dismember the year before. Perhaps understandably, the police were not quite sure what to make of the report until they visited the flat where it was all meant to have happened and discovered a woman’s skull stuffed inside the head of a giant Hello Kitty mermaid doll.

The victim, a 23-year-old prostitute called Ah Map, had made the literally fatal mistake of stealing the wallet of one of her clients, a triad gangster and crystal meth addict called Chan.

Although the unlucky girl repaid the $4,000 she took, plus $10,000 in compensation, Chan decided this wasn’t enough and had her kidnapped and brought back to his apartment, right in the middle of Kowloon’s shopping district.

The effect that crystal meths, or ice as it is sometimes called, has on its addicts is the equivalent of being a member of the SS: it makes you do crazy, evil things with terrible consequences and a huge amount of collateral damage, which you just don’t care about. A few years ago a successful Australian financier developed a regular ice habit and ended up being prosecuted for having sexual relations with one rabbit and the sadistic killing of 17 others. This is a drug that really melts your mind.

Poor Ah Map was being held by someone that had obviously had rather too much. Chan’s whole life was a fantasy, with Hello Kitty dolls littered around his flat and computer games taking up the most part of his day – when he wasn’t loan sharking, pimping or attacking his rivals, that is.

With his mind dangerously altered, Ah Map’s detention as never going to be fun. She was beaten, burnt, and made to swallow urine. Helping in all this was the 14-year-old girl, who crapped in a box and made Ah Map eat it.  At night the victim was strung up with electrical wire and hung from a ceiling hook, beaten over and over. “But only if there was nothing on TV” the defendants pointed out.

Eventually Ah Map gave up, much to the disappointment of her captors. “She was broken and playing with her wasn’t so much fun after that,” said her young female torturer. “But we carried on anyway. There wasn’t anything else to do”.

Soon she was dead. Not knowing what to do with her, Chan and his accomplices went to the arcade to play more games, leaving the corpse on the apartment floor. When they returned he had a plan: they dismembered her with a wood saw, Chan personally cutting off her head. They stored her body parts in the fridge and threw some out. But they decided to boil her head to strip its flesh off. In a moment of devil-like inspiration they then sewed the skull into the Hello Kitty doll and stashed it in a cupboard for later.

And although Ah Map’s killers have been brought to justice, it appears her soul is still wandering around the neighbourhood, looking for closure: CCTV cameras in nearby shops captured a female form lurking in shops well after closing hours.

And don’t be shocked if the local Hello Kitty store has an unwelcome surprise waiting for one of its young customers…

Poor Ah Map – not yet at rest?

What lies beneath…?



  1. I sometimes swing past and enjoy your blog. My own pushes the bounds of propriety all the time (I’m told). But I think this is in really poor taste, to post semi-humorously about a relatively recent event where someone’s daughter was treated like this. Including finishing it off with a picture and gag about Hello Kitty. Reading this on the MTR and I feel a bit sick actually. This misses the mark of Hollywood frivolity by miles.

    • Halloween! Halloween!

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