Posted by: Sam Olsen | December 8, 2012

Massive Pine Shortage!


Alarums and Excursions, there aren’t enough Christmas Trees in HK! Rest assured, these crafty Olsens have one though. Last night Ma and Pa Olsen headed for Causeway Bay; Times Square, the centre of Asian retail and flashing lights. Ikea was our destination, knowing that the Scandi retailer would be able to supply us a tree as they had done last year.

Only about twelve remained; unfortunately they were all 2 metres tall! Disappointingly they were also pre-wrapped (space being at a premium here in HK of course), and so could have been any lumpy old shape. Sam decided on one, as is his manly wont. Woman couldn’t possibly pick The Right Tree. After parting with over six hundred of our Hong Kong Dollars, we made for the exit. Ah, how to get home? Taxi of course! Hmmm…. gweilos carrying large tree? I think not, was evidently the response of the first three to pass us. I then resorted to waiving a hundred dollar bill at the next chap, who stopped pretty promptly and squashed the tree in the back with Sam.

And it looks pretty smashing up in the window, and smells really real! It is real, but I am surprised that anything plant-like purchased in China is actually vaguely authentic!





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