Posted by: Sam Olsen | April 6, 2013

Car shame

“Alistair, I’m having a bit of trouble deciding something. We need to buy a car, but there are soon going to be 5 of us and so we reckon we’re going to need a 7 seater. But here in Hong Kong the car park spaces are so narrow that we’re planning on buying one with sliding doors to make it easier to hoick the kids in and out. So it’s a toss-up between the Mazda 5 and the Hyundai Santa Fe. Which one would you go for?”

“I’d rather die.”

Many a man would feel the same, but such is the horror of an expanding family when it comes to cars. I’m not even a petrolhead yet I still feel the shame of having to drive the automotive equivalent of a tax inspector.

Here is the car in its glory. (I was going to type ”beast in all its glory” but that would be a lie. It has as much roar as a candle-bunt moth.)

At least the powered sliding doors are a bit of a quirk. And it’s Japanese so probably won’t break down. And yes, I am desperate to be positive…






  1. Are you having twins?!

    Hope all well in HK. How is work and family?

    7s looked good. See Harris was there too. Messy?!

    Alice doing well. Nanny starting on Monday. Zara hoping to return to work in August. EY giving me lots of great jobs. V busy but interesting stuff. Went to Salcombe for Easter with Boyds and my mother. Lots of late nights with adults and early mornings with Alice. RMAS training kicking in! Got another Roe Doe whilst out in the Devon woodland. Summer not here yet, still pretty cold.



    James Hodgson +44 7711 637 667

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