Posted by: Sam Olsen | September 21, 2013

Typhoon coming…


“Hong Kong warned to brace itself for Super Typhoon“, “A super typhoon is headed for Hong Kong” and “Hong Kong braced for ‘strongest storm on earth’ as 180mph monster Super-Typhoon Usagi gains strength over the Pacific” are just some of the headlines that anxious locals here are being subjected to as we all batten down the hatches.

There is a distinct air of anticipation in the city today, with what could be the largest storm for thirty years just a day away.

Still, at least we are fortunate to be in Hong Kong rather than in a squatter camp in the Philippines; many of the helpers here are acutely worried about their relatives who will be far more at the mercy of the destructive elements than well-built HK. Although having said that, there were warnings on the radio this morning for people “living in wooden huts” to prepare themselves for the typhoon.

We have stocked up the fridge and are now just waiting for the windows to start bulging in and out, as is their way with strong winds. This is an unnering experience for sure, but how the people that live on house-boats here do it I don’t know.




If you don’t hear from us on Monday then we’ve been washed away.


What a let down that was. It wasn’t even worse than a heavy storm in Leicestershire. We could have at least have had some buckling windows but the most destructive consequences were some twigs in the the pool. Michael “There’s no hurricane on the way!” Fish eat your heart out



  1. Sunday 5pm Update:
    Considerably darker than usual given the time of day, steady rain and rising wind outside. Still only a T3 though, so the local supermarket was still open when I headed over to buy some frozen peas to go with our breaded cod and oven chips. There is basically no veg left in there, a large selection of Chinese melons constitute the only fresh fruit, and the bread department and milk shelf is empty save some dodgy soya stuff. Worse than Christmas in the UK!

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