Who are you, kind reader?

As has been noted on other blogs, one of the mysteries of wordpress is that it is not possible to see who is reading our wafflings. Sure, we get the stats to see how many of you are perusing, but no names. It’s probably just our families and those friends we laid a guilt trip on, but heh. 

It would be nice therefore to know who is reading about the Olsen Experience, just to prove that it is not the Grandmothers repeatedly pressing F5 – why not leave a comment and say who you are and what kind of topics you want us to explore on your behalf? Think of us as selfless tour guides, albeit the ones who stand half looking away from you, whilst studying their notes and talking into their collar because they’re not quite sure what they say is actually correct. And they have a very heavy accent that means you only understand one word in four and have to make sense of phrases like “…emperor…iron…whale…”, all not helped by the foreign kid next to you loudly kicking one of the priceless displays.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.



  1. Hey guys! Hope you’re settling in well! Am enjoying reading about your adventures in Hong Kong – hope you managed to get out of the mall Sammy!?

    Off to Austin, Tx – on Saturday – Yee Ha cowboys (and cowgirls, obviously!)!!

    Chin Chin!


  2. Hello lovelies
    I am avidly following your blog, mainly it has to be said on my iPhone in the middle of the night whilst feeding Stanley! But am loving hearing how you are getting on – any chance of some photos???
    Much love
    Lucy and Stanley (and Jerry)

    • Yes good point – photos to come. Glad you like it! Love to you all

  3. Great stuff. Will have to read more!

  4. Love the blog, great to hear what the place is like. Looking forward to the next update.

  5. Enjoying the blog; reading while Claire watches The Devil Wears Prada. Top stuff, keep it up!

    • Good to hear, and please send Claire birthday wishes!

  6. Loving the blog. Glad all is going well. You two are prolific!
    Kisses to The Lamb.

  7. I’m reading your blog and it’s brilliant. So lovely to hear what’s happening with you all. Sam, you should write a book! The girls say hi to Lawrence, and we say hi to you all. Hope life is treating you well out there. It’s gone crazy here!!!

    Love to you all

  8. Enjoying the blog so far. Hope you are settling in and Lawrence is enjoying the new environment as much as Sam.

    It strikes me that Sam will not get a job, and will become a proper old school ex-pat who reads the papers in the morning and inspects the quality of the sherry in the afternoons…all the while muttering about the England he once knew…he has finally found his niche!

    Love to all

    Ade and Vicky


    • You may be on to something there – sounds fantastic.
      Disgusted from Hong Kong

  9. Sam good to hear the updates. Reminds me of the letters you wrote from the state. I have been reading your post whilist walking Thomas at 0010 in the morning it keeps him amused. Ed

  10. Hey guys,

    We’re really enjoying your updates. A great idea, and so well written.

    We hope very much that you continue to settle in well and look forward to seeing you and meeting Lawrence at some point soon whilst you over this side of the world.

    All the best,
    Chris, Sally & Henry x

    • Glad you like it. We will definitely be over to see you at some point, and let us know if you are ever in Asia proper xx

  11. Hi Olsens,

    just found this via the facebook link and am really enjoying the posts. So sorry to hear about the pricey cheese. Should we send some over?

    Looking forward to many more stories

    Jon & Jane

    • Hi guys thanks – cheese will perhaps become a staple for all our future visitors…

  12. I’m afraid that I come into the Granny class although not technically a Granny (at least, I don’t think I am!). Glad to hear that you are all settling in well and look forward to further updates. Ellen xxx

  13. Hi Sammy, Aggie and Larry,

    Great updates, thanks. Nice to know you’re all still keeping well.

    Sam, have you ever considered what Larry thinks of you when he’s eating his ‘more and more’ of his bread? “I see you stand there, you think you’re so cool, why don’t you just…”


    Stay well.

    Ed x

    • Thanks Ed. His musical education was just curtailed!

  14. ok this is my third attempt, that’s how much we’re enjoying the blog! Thomas & Daniel would like to hear a little more from Lawrence though?! xx

  15. Hey Guys, really enjoying the blog, although Thomas & Daniel would like to hear a little more from Lawrence?! xx

  16. You will get your wish! More Chronicles of Larry coming up… Glad you like it allxx

  17. There are too many blue golfs around london – – im reminded of you at every corner! Glad all is going well xx

  18. Hello Olsens. Here via Hong Kong Blogs Review. Liking my initial scroll-through! Jade.

    • Thanks Jade!

  19. Hello the Olsens, just found this – brilliant! I’ll keep following from afar – would be lovely to catch up some time soon. All the best, Weaver Bird

    • Glad you like it! It’s fun to write. Hope all is well and see you soon I hope. Take care, Sam et al

  20. Sam, I hope you and family are extremely well. I stumbled upon this from FB. You bring back memories of Durian fruit and incomprehensible menus well. Anyway, glad your link to the Forsyths is strong as ever 😛 We were there 1920s-1941 and 1994-1997 – if you’re ever in Stanley War Cemetery you can doff your hat to Grandfather Major Henry ‘Rusty’ Forsyth, but am sure John will have told you the story, hope you get to catch up with him and Beatrice in Singapore. All the best squire – for what’s is worth I’d say good move, ‘the East’ is certainly looking appealing due to the perpetual gloom (economically speaking ) in ‘the West’. Take care. Andrew

    • Hi Andrew
      Great to hear from you. No, funnily enough John never mentioned it. I will bring it up with him if I see him in Singapore. Take care back West, Sam

  21. Hi Sam,
    A happy Christmas from you godson , Harry. Thank you for the amazing car. Hoping to see you in 2013! xx

    • Good to hear from you, and yes, we will definitely meet up in 2013! xx

  22. Hi Sam,

    My name is Carole and I am the Community Manager over at Expat Focus.

    Sorry to post in comments but I could not see your email address.

    We have recently added a new section to Expat Focus intended to highlight the best expat blogs on the internet and your blog has been included.


    I wonder if you would mind contacting me.

  23. Hi,

    I’m reading your blog from Beijing, though I am British… our family of three are moving to HK in August so I’m trying to absorb as much information as possible! Am really enjoying your blog: thanks for posting.


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